New York
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First Post…Still in New York

This is my last week in New York. I’m running around doing all the last minute things and that final wrap up. The movers come on the 10th. I fly out on the 13th. There is so much to do!

It’s good that I’m busy because this week is proving to be very emotional. New York has been home for 20 years and I’m sad to go. I’m going to miss a lot about this city. I’ll miss the people. I’ll miss how each neighborhood is a small town. I’ll even miss the craziness of New York.

But, as much as I will miss New York, I’m excited. Very excited. Nairobi is going to be an amazing adventure.

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  1. Linda says

    I will miss you. But, I am thrilled that you are embarking on what will be a wonderful adventure. I have no doubt we’ll be reading lots of interesting posts from you. You always have a place to stay on the UES, when you return for visits.



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